NATO: Rethink - Realign - React

At the beginning of June, the NATO Summit took place in Warsow. With reference to this event, the Institute for Eastern Studies in Poland published a composition of essays. The BIGS participated in this with an essay by Tim Stuchtey "Absolute vs. Comparative Advantage of Defense Industries in NATO Countries”. 

The complete compilation can be found here.

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Policy Paper No.7

Cyber Insurance as a Contribution to IT Risk Management

Standpunkt zivile Sicherheit

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Security Management Education in Europe

As part of the fit4sec research team, Alexis Below conducted a survey across Europe in which he analyzed the status quo of European security management education.

The survey serves as exploratory research into current offerings and developments in tertiary security management education to provide new insights and ideas for further research to interested scholars, educators and practitioners in Germany and elsewhere.

The study finds that there is a small number of relatively young programs in each country often based at universities of applied sciences with a strong focus on vocational training. While participants’ backgrounds seem similar across countries, most programs are nationally oriented with little to no formal internationalization. The complete survey can be found here.

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Die Sicherheitswirtschaft in Deutschland 2015

The annual survey, conducted by BIGS, measuring the overall contribution of Germany's security industry for the contry's composite security level since 2012.

The results for 2015 show that the security industry grew faster than the overall German economy. The complete survey can be found here.

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Cyber Insurance as a Contribution to IT Risk Management

Policy Paper No. 7/ Dezember 2017

Cyber Insurance as a Contribution to IT Risk Management

An Analysis of the Market for Cyber Insurance in Germany


Constance Baban, Yvonne Gruchmann, Christopher Paun, Anna Peters, Tim H. Stuchtey

Digitalization promises enormous gains in productivity but comes with significant cyber risks. In order to make full use of its potential, certain downsides of digitalization need to be properly addressed. This study focuses on one particular aspect of risk management: cyber insurance. It examines the German cyber insurance market in particular and shows potential for significant growth of this market.

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