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Pizzaseminar am 02.11.2012 - Offshore Financing

Am 02. November wird Soumitra Singh, derzeit Gastwissenschaftler am BIGS, über das Thema „Offshore Financing – A Save Haven for Terrorism Financing, Money Laundering, and Large Scale Corruption?“ referieren. Das Pizzaseminar wird auf Englisch stattfinden, um Anmeldung wird gebeten.

A glimpse into the economics of offshore financing, a brief look into the role of tax havens in global finance and exploration of a few questions associated with the same. Do tides of capital flow with the changes in regulation across offshore havens? What are the positives and negatives of having offshore jurisdictions? Do offshore financial centers play a role in terrorism financing, money laundering and large scale corruption, or is their negative role overhyped when do they actually benefit economies? Singh will investigate some of these questions and look for possible directions to base further research in.