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Pizzaseminar am 25. April 2014: The Grand Challenge Model of R&D

Regions world-wide increasingly confront large scale grand challenges: complex, transnational problems like climate change, vaccine development, and counter-terrorism. While society typically views science as the primary mechanism for addressing complex problems that confront it, traditional scientific institutions and policies are not optimally structured to provide the resources, technical depth, or scale needed to successfully address grand challenges. The emerging grand challenge model of R&D, however, offers a promising vehicle for mobilizing existing, often geographically-dispersed knowledge assets in furtherance of a common goal: solving grand challenges. This presentation will outline the emergence of the grand challenge model and several key elements critical to its operation and success, and its implications for regions.

Christopher S. Hayter, Ph.D. is currently a Visiting Research Fellow at the University of Vienna where his research focuses on the future of scientific institutions. Prior to coming to Vienna, he served as Executive Director of the Policy Evaluation and Transformation Group at the New York Academy of Sciences where he leads the Academy's work in program evaluation, higher education and science policy, organizational restructuring and strategic planning, and entrepreneurship research. He was also Executive Director of the Academy's Scientist Without Borders program. Chris is an advisor to BIGS' WISIND project. He holds a Ph.D. from George Washington University in Science Policy and Economics and has (co)authored numerous policy and peer-reviewed publications.