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Our research focuses on civilian and homeland security issues. From counter-terrorism and intelligence policies to social resilience and economic aspects of security, BIGS takes on topics that are at the center of the enduring conflict between liberty, security and prosperity. We analyze homeland security policies from a local (i.e. Brandenburg), German as well as an international perspective.

BIGS Essence (German only) (ISSN: 2191-6756)
Concise analyses on current issues in homeland security policy.

Perspectives on Homeland Security (German only) (ISSN: 2191-6748)
Detailed studies on civilian and homeland security issues from a social science perspective.

Policy Papers (ISSN: 2194-2412)
Contributions in English on current international topics in homeland security.

Other studies and expert opinion pieces by BIGS fellows.

Articles & Op-eds
Newspaper and Op-ed contributions from BIGS fellows.

Newsletter (German only)
Our quarterly newsletter about current and planned projects, events, as well as news about our institute.

To download, view or print PDF-files, the appropriate software is needed, such as Adobe Acrobat Reader. The latest version of this program can be downloaded for free from the Adobe website. All publications are also available in a printed version. These can be ordered by request at info(at)bigs-potsdam.org in reasonable amounts.