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Pizzaseminar am 23.11.2012 - The Middle East and the Energy Conundrum

Am Freitag, den 23.11.2012 wird unser Wissenschaftler Dr. Stefano Casertano zum Thema „The Middle East and the Energy Conundrum: (still) Searching for a Post-Cold War Order and Possible Impacts on Western Energy Supply Security" vortragen. Das Pizzaseminar wird auf Englisch stattfinden und folgenden Themenkomplex behandeln:

The current Mideast turmoil represents the most challenging task for the contemporary international system. The evolution of political systems towards forms of democratic Islamism, the Iranian nuclear crisis and the Syrian conflict evidence how the region is still searching for a post-Cold War equilibrium, as big powers reset their reach and local interests started to emerge again. The political uncertainty of the quadrant might exert also pervasive effect on the energy supply security of the West, and possible scenarios and solutions will be assessed. Also the role of new "alternative energies" (such as shale gas from North America and solar panels on our rooftops) as an alternative to Mideast hydrocarbons will be assessed. The situation of uncertainty may last years and years, and long term solutions shall be planned. Barack Obama's second term will necessarily have to face the problem–but what can be the role of Germany and the EU?

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