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PizzaSeminar am 17.11.2017: Cybersecurity: Education & economy - how to build a strong cyber nation

Ein weiteres Mal fand im November ein PizzaSeminar statt, zu dem wir Sie gerne eingeladen haben.

Rami Efrati trug

am Freitag, dem 17.11.2017, von 12 bis 14 Uhr c.t.

auf Englisch zum Thema:

Cybersecurity: Education & economy - how to build a strong cyber nation
- the case of Israel.


Rami Efrati, ehemaliger Leiter der Abteilung Civil Sector des Israel National Cyber Bureau und heute Präsident der FIRMITAS Cyber Solutions wird zeigen, warum Israel auf dem Gebiet Cybersicherheit so erfolgreich ist. Ich freue mich anschließend auf eine spannende Diskussion mit Ihnen.

Zum Thema:

How is it possible that a small country like Israel became a leading place for cybersecurity and home for IT-security companies? Cybercrime is a worldwide threat but the relatively small country of Israel today is the home for more than 450 companies and start-ups developing and offering highly sophisticated and advanced technology. What is the kind of support that the Government of the state of Israel offers to start-ups? How is the Israeli education system able to prepare sufficient numbers of students to work in cyber?
Rami Efrati will analyze Israel’s strategy to promote Israel's status as a global cyber power - in research and development, education at a young age and academia.

Zum Redner:

Rami Efrati, former Head of the Civilian Sector Division and a cyber entrepreneur leading FIRMITAS Cyber Solutions will present why Israel is so successful in this field: cybersecurity.  
Mr. Rami Efrati, an expert in Cyber Technology Strategic Methods, is the former Head the Civilian Division of the Israel National Cyber Bureau in the Prime Minister's Office. He is founder and President of Firmitas Cyber Solutions - focusing on providing a unique technological approach for the security of the critical infrastructure sector and Internet of Things.
Col. (Res.) Efrati has served in the Israel Defense Forces for more than twenty eight years. He commanded numerous prestigious operational and technological positions in Military Intelligence and received the Creative Thinking Award from the Director of Military Intelligence. Mr. Efrati also has 18 years of civilian experience and has been involved in entrepreneurial activities with both start-up and established companies in the Cyber-Security, High Tech and Bio-Technology sectors.
Rami Efrati is a Senior Cyber Fellow in Yuval Ne'eman Workshop for Science, Technology and Security in Tel-Aviv University. He is an Associate in the International Institute for Counter-Terrorism (ICT).