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PizzaSeminar am 17.03.2017: Religion and Violence in a Global Age: A survey of theories, approaches, and some policy implications

Das letzte PizzaSeminar fand am Freitag, 17.03.2017, um 12 Uhr c.t. in Berlin statt.

Dank der erneuten Hilfe und in Kooperation mit der Botschaft der Vereinigten Staaten von Amerika konnten wir Prof. Dr. Scott Thomas von der University of Bath als Referenten gewinnen. Prof. Thomas trug über 

Religion and Violence in a Global Age: A survey of theories, approaches, and some policy implications‘ 

vor. Veranstaltungsort war die IABG, Friedrichstr. 185 (Haus E, 3. Stock, Raum ‚Köpenick‘), 10117 Berlin

The popular belief religion is the cause of the world’s bloodiest conflicts is central to our modern political imagination. However, this lecture challenges the ‘myth of religious violence,’ not because we do not need to take religious seriously, but this way to do so does not taking culture and politics seriously enough. Religion is not some neutral descriptor of a reality in the world, which can cause violence, it is always socially, culturally, and politically contested, negotiated, and constructed, which under certain circumstances causes violence.

Prof. Dr. Scott Thomas is an American who lectures in International Relations and the Politics of Developing Countries. He has a research program which centers on how the global resurgence of culture and religion have transformed international relations. It challenges the existing constructions of culture, religion, and identity, and examines the impact of culture and religion on key areas in international relations - conflict, cooperation, diplomacy, peace-making, inter-religious dialogue, and economic development. He writes for a variety of journals, and speaks widely on the role of religion in international relations today to both academic organizations, such as the International Studies Association, and to a variety of NGOs, governments, religious groups, and other organizations. Dr. Thomas taught at universities in the United States, Switzerland, and South Africa before coming to Bath in 1994 where he is a permanent member of the teaching staff.