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Dangerous Ties: How to Fight the New Networks of Terror and Crime

Am 06. März saß Alexander Ritzmann fürs BIGS auf dem Panel zu folgender Veranstaltung:

Dangerous Ties: How to Fight the New Networks of Terror and Crime

Islamist terrorism and organized crime have developed close ties in recent years and increasingly share organizational structures and methods. Both influence each other and create overlapping milieus. Prisons have become important locales for recruiting criminals for jihadist networks.

National and international law enforcement agencies as well as decision makers need to incorporate understanding of these developments into their strategies in order to better integrate coordination and prosecution of terrorist and criminal networks. What are the main obstacles in politics and law enforcement – as well as in the businesses and financial sector – to understanding the reciprocity between terrorist and criminal networks? What added benefits could public-private partnerships (PPP) bring in identifying such networks, and how can PPP improve the flow of necessary information? Which actors could contribute to PPP? The conference brings together distinguished criminologists, security experts, and members of the business community to address these questions.

The event was organized by the USA/Transatlantic Relations Program and was held in English. The Chatham House Rule applied. The agenda can be found here.