Wachstum und Veränderung im Zeichen der Digitalisierung

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Media Echo


  • On October 11th 2017, the Cisco Blog Germany published a short interview with Constance Baban on IT Security in Germany.
  • On September 11th 2017, Tim Stuchtey participated in an interview on the fight against terrorism in the radio show "Westblick" (stats at minute 16:55) which is broadcasted on the WDR5.
  • On August 3rd 2017, Alexander Szanto put is expertise on IT Security for companys to use for the Märkische Allgemeine -a local Newspaper in the greater area of Berlin.
  • On May 4th 2017, Tim Stuchtey was invited to the RBB and spoke in the magazin RBB Aktuell on IT-Security issues. 
  • The first issure of comply - Magazin for Complicance-Responsibily in 2017 featured an article by Tim Stuchtey and Constance Baban on the challenges of cybercrime. 
  • On February 23rd 2017, an article by Tim Stuchtey and Tyson Barker concerning cyber defense issues in Europe was published at politico.eu.
  • On February 17th 2017, an article by Tyson Barker concerning german-us politics under Trump was published in the Wirtschafts Woche.
  • On Monday night, January 9th 2017, Tim Stuchtey was interviewed for the RTL Nachtjournal on the topic of GPS bracelets.


  • On December 22nd 2016, Die Welt published an artikle around an interview with our research fellow Tyson Barker on the attacks in Berlin.
  • On Dezember 21st 2016, the BBC World Service screened a TV interview with Tim Stuchtey in Berlin on the attacks from December 2016.
  • On Dezember 20th 2016, Tim Stuchtey was interview in front on the Breitscheidplatz by a N-TV camera crew for the N-TV.de livestream.
  • On September 14th 2016, Tim Stuchtey went on air for the german polit-magazine "Plusminus" for their episode on what the taxpayer has to give in context of the current german migration politics.
  • On September 14th 2016, Tyson Barker's research invention was publicated in a polish political blog. The article is translatable via Google translator.
  • On August 5th 2016, Alexander Ritzman was interviewed as an expert for radicalization by Heiner Martin from Inforadio RBB. They talked about the one thing all extremist have in common: an ideologie.
  • On July 21st2016, Tim Stuchtey and Tyson Barker took part in the Tagesspiegel Causa Debate around questions concerning the US election in November 2016.
  • On July 20th 2016 the PNN (Potsdamer Neuste Nachrichten) published an interview with Tim Stuchtey on the dangers of cybercrime, economic aspects of security industry and the future of the BIGS without financial support from the state Brandenburg.
  • On June 22nd 2016 the ARD mentioned the BIGS in context of an event concerning the NATO Summit in Warsaw this year. The BIGS hosted a PizzaSeminar on June 21st 2016 matching the topic.
  • On the day of the attacks in Brussels, March 22nd 2016, Alexander Ritzmann was invited to a, priorly planned, conference on "Jihardist Radicalization" in Brussels. His statements and comments were taken up on in a variety of mainstream Newsmedia as for example EUreporter, the Defence News, EU Today and The Parliament.


  • In its article "Angriff auf Hochofen und Pressstraße" (November 13th, 2015) the weekly newspaper VDI Nachrichten mentions the industrial control system risk assessment which will be done in the context of the RiskViz project.
  • The Compliance Manager Magazine refers to data gathered by BIGS on the subject of IT security in the article "IT-Sicherheit: Schützt nur die Schreibmaschine vor Cybercrime?" (November 13th, 2015).
  • On July 10th, 2015, the Handelsblatt published an article ("Geheimdienstreform auf dem Holzweg") by Dr. Thorsten Wetzling concerning the reform of intelligence oversight.
  • In a report by Brandenburg aktuell on June 11th, 2015, Dr. Tim Stuchtey, Executive Director of BIGS, commented on the problem of cyber-attacks against governments and enterprises. The interview took place within the context of the Potsdamer Konferenz für Nationale Cybersicherheit 2015.
  • Against the backdrop of the recent affair concerning the BND and its cooperation with the NSA, Dr. Thorsten Wetzling discussed and called for a reform of intelligence oversight. The article "Großbaustelle Geheimdienstkontrolle" was published bythe Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung on April 30th, 2015.
  • The German Congress on Crime Prevention mentions the results of the WISIND project which were presented during WISIND's final conference.


  • Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Bonß, Professor for sociology at the Universität der Bundeswehr München, refers to the WISIND results and website www.sicherheitsindikator.de in an interview („Lernen, mit der Unsicherheit zu leben") with ZEIT ONLINE.
  • The Magazin für Professionelle Informationstechnik refers to the article „Räuberische Absichten. Digitale Angriffe auf alles und jeden" by Kristin Krüger, published in BIGS Essenz Zivile Sicherheit / Civil Security.
  • In its edition from the 28th Sep 2014, the Wall Street Journal quotes Dr. Tim Stuchtey in the article "Despite Signs of Disrepair, Berlin Is Hesitant to Boost Military Spending Leaked Government Report Shows Much of Military's Equipment Is Decrepit".
  • On 23th Sep 2014, the daily newspaper „Weserkurier" repots on the BIGS Study on Security Industry in their article "Das Geschäft mit der Sicherheit", quoting Dr. Dennis Schmidt-Bordemann in this context.
  • Die Welt" and the „Nordwest Zeitung" take up the idea of a „Snowden Effect" – coined by the BIGS – in their report on the Exibition Security Essen 2014.
  • On August 23rd 2014 the German newspaper „Wirtschaftswoche" quotes Dr. Tim Stuchtey in an article about the effects the data scandal has on the security awareness of German companies ("Auswirkungen der Datenskandale – Unternehmen investieren deutlich mehr in Sicherheit").
  • The newspaper "Heilbronner Stimme" interviewed Dr. Thorsten Wetzling for an article concerning the control of intelligence officials ("Wenige Abgeordnete kontrollieren Tausende Geheimdienstmitarbeiter", August 19th 2014) and quoted him repeatedly on this topic.
  • The "Potsdamer Neuesten Nachrichten" report about the attack on the BIGS and the claim of responsibility that was found in an internet portal.
  • Dr. Tim Stuchtey was quoted by the "Bayerische Rundfunk" about the role of the industry funding in research and teaching ("Universitäten am Tropf der Wirtschaft").
  • Netzpolitik.org reports about the BIGS' PizzaSeminar focusing on strategic foreign supervision (June 6th 2014).
  • The magazine PROTECTOR interviews Dr. Tim Stuchtey regarding his opinion of the security sector on Germany (edition 06/14).
  • ZEITonline and Netzpolitik.org pick the BIGS' study "Strategische Auslandsüberwachung - Technische Möglichkeiten, rechtlicher Rahmen und parlamentarische Kontrolle" up.
  • After the "Potsdam Conference for National Cyber Security" derStandard.at and n-tv.de referred to the BIGS' analysis of the German IT-sector, the Deutschlandfunk mentioned the Snowden-effect identified by the BIGS.
  • The Wall Street Journal Online quotes Dr. Thorsten Wetzling about Clemens Binniger's abdication of the chairmanship of the NSA-invesitation committee (April 9th 2014).


  • "Bericht aus Berlin" (edition 04/2013) reports about the „re-measurement" of the security sector by the BIGS (magazine: "DSD – Der Sicherheitsdienst", publisher: "Bundesvereinigung Deutscher Geld- und Wertdienste").
  • The technical journal for corporate security „security insight" publishes an article about the projects „Zivile Sicherheit im Bundeswirtschaftsministerium" and „WISIND" (title: "Die Zeit ist reif für den Export von Sicherheit, p. 18-20, edition 05/2013).
  • SecuPedia, the website for informations on security, published an article written by the magazine „Zeitschrift für die Sicherheit der Wirtschaft" about the BIGS-Study „Die Sicherheitswirtschaft in Deutschland".
  • The newspaper Tagesspiegel reported about the civlian use of drones and interviewed staff of BIGS for expertise.
  • One of many articles about the conference on Cybersecurity in Die Welt.
  • PNN reacts to the media show Frontal 21 with an article about the indepencence of BIGS.
  • Alexander Kling of Public Security (2-2012/1-2013) talks about "Lufttransporte in der Humanitären Hilfe - quo vadis?" and refers to BIGS studies.
  • The ZDF reports in the media show Frontal 21 "Gekaufte Wissenschaft?" on 09.04.2013 bout BIGS.
  • Spiegel Online reports the TAZ article on 29.01.2013.
  • TAZ reports about BIGS and its board.

2012 and before

  • European Security from April 2012, S.108-111, talks about BIGS working group on Risk Communication "Risikokommunikation im Bevölkerungsschutz".
  • The PNN reports about the lecture with Prof. Dr. Hüseyin Bagci.
  • PNN reports about our PizzaSeminar from 24.02.2012 with Alexander Ritzmann.
  • Public Security published an article about the BIGS conference "10 years after 9/11".
  • The Junge Welt reports about the BIGS and it's publications.
  • PNN reports about the lecture series.
  • The Atlantic quotes Dr. Tim Stuchtey about macroeconomic discrepancies.
  • PNN asked Prof. Dr. Dieter Wagner and Dr. Tim Stuchtey about BIGS and civil security research.
  • PNN about the openening of the institute.
  • MOZ about the openening of the institute.
  • Artikel der Linksjugend in Brandenburg about the openening of BIGS.
  • Behördenspiegel about the openening of the institute.