Wachstum und Veränderung im Zeichen der Digitalisierung

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Cybercrime between Risk and Reality

Between Two Worlds – Cybercrime between Risk and Reality

The protection of the World Wide Web as one of the most important critical infrastructures and the protection against cybercrime is a major trend in homeland security. Nevertheless the data about the extent of the attacks and their damage is still very unsatisfactory. There is an on-going discussion in Germany and elsewhere about whether there should be an obligation to report incidents of cybercrime. Companies and individuals have been skeptical of this idea, pointing to a range of problems that go along with it.

As part of a project BIGS seeks to analyse the extent to which the data of existing studies is reliable. The existing literature will be studied in detail and examined for its validity. The goal of the project is to give an overview of the currently available information on cybercrime and to evaluate their usefulness for companies and societies.