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Pizzaseminar am 27.09.2013 – The Rise of China from the Periphery towards Bejing: The Case of Sino-Mongol Relations

Dr. Ron A. Porter hat am Freitag, 27.09.2013 über das Thema: "The Rise of China from the Periphery towards Bejing: The Case of Sino-Mongol Relations" referiert. Der Vortrag fand auf Englisch statt und hat sich mit folgenden Schwerpunkten befasst:

Internal stability within China is often one major focal point of researchers and commentators in determining the plausibility of its rise at the global level. In this light, this presentation will indeed place internal stability at the forefront of the discussion of a successful rise of China. However, it will do so by explaining the background story of what holds the Chinese nation-state together, and look at past events to determine whether any type of continental Northeast Asian regional power is a plausible goal with a sustainable future. The case of Sino-Mongol relations will be used to articulate the relationship between Beijing in relation to its peripheral nations that inherently make up the political landscape of the region. In particular, this presentation will shed light on the political-economies of these "peripheral" nations and show how the political process within these nations is affected by Chinese wealth. Viewing regional relations from the periphery inward may shed light on the challenges for China to secure sustainable regional stability.