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Pizza Seminar am 21.09.2018

PizzaSeminar am 21.09.2018 
Correlates of (in)security across Germany

In diesem Monat haben wir Sie gleich zweimal zu einem PizzaSeminar eingeladen. Am BIGS arbeitete José Luengo-Cabrera als Visiting Fellow. Er beschäftigt sich mit der Messung von Sicherheit und hat sich bereit erklärt, uns einen Einblick in seine Arbeit zu geben. Der Titel seines Vortrags lautete: 

Correlates of (in)security across Germany
A subnational geospatial analysis 

José Luengo-Cabrera forschte während seines Aufenthalts am BIGS im Themenbereich: How do differences in socio-economic conditions correlate with the distribution of violent crime across Germany? 

• Visualising the evolution (across time) and geographical distribution of violent crime across German states (2003-2017).
• Correlating rates of different types of violent crime and perceptions of wellbeing/(in)security with an array of socio-economic indicators at the state and possibly the city level.
• Provide a comparative analysis with other countries.
• Given that n<30 at the state level, present some disclaimers on the limitations of doing correlation analysis with small sample sizes.Given the limited amount of socio-economic indicators (publicly) available at the city level, he will advocate for the benefits of collecting more data at the municipal level so as to provide a more granular insight on the drivers of (in)security.

zum Thema:

How do differences in socio-economic conditions correlate with the distribution of violent crime across Germany? Using publicly available statistics and attitudinal data, this presentation will aim to identify the factors that can help explain the variance in the level of public (in)security across subnational territorial units.
It will explore some of the current data limitations and advocate for the collection of more encompassing and granular statistics on living conditions and security perceptions, especially at the municipal level.

zum Redner:

José Luengo-Cabrera was a Research Fellow at the Institute for Economics and Peace, where he worked on developing metrics to quantify peace and measure the economic impact of violence at the subnational, national and global level.