NATO: Rethink - Realign - React

At the beginning of June, the NATO Summit took place in Warsow. With reference to this event, the Institute for Eastern Studies in Poland published a composition of essays. The BIGS participated in this with an essay by Tim Stuchtey "Absolute vs. Comparative Advantage of Defense Industries in NATO Countries”. 

The complete compilation can be found here.

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Wachstum und Veränderung im Zeichen der Digitalisierung

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Standpunkt zivile Sicherheit

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Security Management Education in Europe

As part of the fit4sec research team, Alexis Below conducted a survey across Europe in which he analyzed the status quo of European security management education.

The survey serves as exploratory research into current offerings and developments in tertiary security management education to provide new insights and ideas for further research to interested scholars, educators and practitioners in Germany and elsewhere.

The study finds that there is a small number of relatively young programs in each country often based at universities of applied sciences with a strong focus on vocational training. While participants’ backgrounds seem similar across countries, most programs are nationally oriented with little to no formal internationalization. The complete survey can be found here.

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Die Sicherheitswirtschaft in Deutschland 2015

The annual survey, conducted by BIGS, measuring the overall contribution of Germany's security industry for the contry's composite security level since 2012.

The results for 2015 show that the security industry grew faster than the overall German economy. The complete survey can be found here.

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Risk and Crisis Communication

Risk and Crisis Communication

BIGS has a long-term focus on risk and crisis communication in the field of civil security. The application of risk and crisis communication in the field of public risk and crisis management is central to research projects as well as the exploration of how our society deals with risk and crises - especially in politics and media.

Additionally, BIGS provides a platform of in-depth discussion on the topics of risk and crisis communication in relation to social resilience, which is understood as the self-help capacity of a population in crisis and disaster situations. Apart from project work and research on these topics, BIGS also organizes events concerning risk and crisis communication issues on a regular basis.

Recently, BIGS hosted a symposium on "Social Media in Crisis and Disaster Management" together with the Department of Business Information Systems and Electronic Government at the University of Potsdam (November 2013). The symposium proceedings titled "Social Media in Crisis and Disaster Management" were published at GITO Verlag in spring 2014.